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Father and Sons !

I felt it appropriate to recall a fantastic father and son experience that epitomises the unique relationship that one can build with one's son. I was fortunate to share this experience with my son and my godson and I crave the opportunity to experience such a weekend again soon !

Boys love to hunt.... I believe it is the primal "hunter-gatherer" instict that is built into the sub-conscious brain that allows them an immediate familiarity with a gun or a rod.

So, casting my mind back, a special weekend comes to mind - embarking on a journey with Alex, my 9 year old son at the time and Callum (13 year old godson) we ventured to a very special part of the central North Island of New Zealand. It remains nameless, but it holds a unique identity as a location where one can benefit from the adventure of an incredibly unspoilt playground. It also comes with a fantastic guide to look after you, but for the purposes of this story, this was my weekend time with two enthusiastic boys keen to play with the big-boys-toys !!

A 2 hour drive from Taupo gets you there. Over bridges, through gates and along dusty gravel roads (and a puncture on the way as well !) On arrival the accommodation is comfortable and the fun begins. Safety is of course the number one priority. Introducing kids in a controled environment to a real rifle is a fascinating experience. We shot at targets all day long ! Then to catch their first trout - well - the memories are etched in everyone's memory for ever.

And for the record - no animals were harmed in the making of our weekend away except for the occasional pest (ie Possums...!) All trout are released here and a large number of plastic bottles were destroyed by projectiles travelling at 2400 feet per second.....!

Ultimate fun times.....and of course I am happy to share this gentlemans paradise !

With its 25 miles of river, which meanders through gorges into open plains - sweeping corners flowing into beautiful even flowing dry-fly water, the trout gorge themselves to the 5-10lb range in waiting for any unsuspecting bug that dare run its gauntlet....

...and when you hook one of these monsters ? Well you better be ready. Since 5 or 6 weight rods with a strong 7lb Rainbow Trout on the end can lead to serious cardiac irregularity....!!! to join me.....?

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